Some of our patients....
ZEKE - 8 year old Doberman with Wobbler Syndrome. Unable to walk on all four limbs and was falling down frequently. Limited range of motion of the neck. The tops of his paws were raw from dragging them.  After three treatments able to place paws firmly on the ground, falling episodes were decreased and sores were healed. Able to go outside independently; full rotation of the neck became possible.  
JENNY - 3 month old pigmy Nubian goat. Born unable to walk on front feet - walked and stood on knees only. This appeared to be a radial  nerve injury, possibly from birth.  Presently walking normally, jumping over rocks and running through the pastures with her sister. No further treatment needed.
CLEO - 11 year old mixed-breed with osteoarthritis in all major joints and acute pain in the left elbow. She receives only cold laser therapy. After 2 treatments able to take long walks with owner, again plays with other family dogs. Gets "tune-up" every 6 months.
BACCHUS -  Very active four year old German Shepherd with bilateral hip dysplasia. He yelped with pain when his hind quarters were touched. When he is rested without excessive exercise, he now appears pain-free. Able to better tolerate routine daily activity. Presently off of all medication.
FANCY - 13 year old Calico treated for urinary incontinence. She was using the litter box but often "didn't make it in time" and was leaking urine on the furniture. Infection was ruled out. Presently symptom-free.
MUGSY - 13 yr old Springer Spaniel with degenerative arthritis. His owner's goals for treatment were to increase activity and give him a better attitude. He has gone from "couch potato" to increased playing, following his owners around the yard, & spending much less time in his bed.
WINNER - 4 year old gelding Haflinger. Recovering from two severe episodes of non-surgical Colic. Received acupuncture as an adjunct to medical management for gastric ulcers to improve digestion, improve immunity and healing, and relieve stress.
KARMHA - 4 year old Golden Retriever. She had always lagged behind her litter mates and did not play due to very stiff front end. This worsened after Lymes Disease at age 2. Receives acupuncture& laser light therapy.  After 4 treatments running with litter mates, playing daily with improved range of motion.  
SPARKY - 14 yr old wirehair dachshund with intervertebral disc disease. She had hind leg paralysis with inability to rise from sitting/lying & was not ambulatory. After 6 weekly treatments she was much improved & ambulatory. Needed "tune-up" treatment only until she passed away at age 15 1/2.
BABE - 11 yr old Border Collie mix with severe arthritis & obvious pain behavior, stiff gait. She is presently on monthly schedule & has increased her activity level, decreased signs of pain with close to normal gait.
JEFFREY -  11 year old short hair cat with irritable bowel syndrome; he had been losing weight due to chronic diarrhea; received laser treatments only every 3 weeks with decrease in symptoms after 5 treatments; he now has a theraputic weight gain & increased appetite. Treatment no longer needed. 

BUDDY -  5 1/2 year old Boxer with severe arthritis; the family observed decreased play activity and lethargy; he started with treatments weekly for 5 weeks; symptoms improved after 5 treatments. He has received visits every 3 weeks with much improved activity and has been taken off all anti-inflammatory medications. Presently treating only as needed.
Lil E Tee - 11 year old Airedale with degenerative arthritis. Receiving acupuncture & laser therapy presently on a monthly schedule. Owners report increased activity/playfulness. Now able to walk up and down stairs.